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I believe that an organization that views its team members as essential partners
in its overall success will be most successful in meeting its strategic business initiatives and goals.

Services & Solutions

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Workplace Audit

After understanding your goals and vision, I will conduct a thorough initial discovery phase and identify areas of opportunity ranging from employee engagement & culture, to organizational structure, policy & procedures, benefits administration, legal & risk management and more. 

Company Mission & Values Development

Whether your business is brand new and you're looking to establish your company mission & values, or you're looking to re-evaluate them, your company's vision and purpose serve to be guiding principles for your business operations, as well as your team. With my help, you will develop a strong foundation to build a successful company.  

Strategic Planning

Through my expert guidance, we will work together to develop strategic business initiatives and limit your company from unnecessary liabilities and exposure with the evaluation or creation of your human resource functions, policy and procedures, performance management programs and more. 

Payroll & Benefits Administration

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Legal, Compliance & Risk Management

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Talent Sourcing & Retention

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Employee Onboarding
& Training

"The handshake of the host determines the taste of the roast" ~ Benjamin Franklin 

Organizations spend much time - and money - recruiting qualified staff, and rarely focus on what happens after "Day 1". We will create an Onboarding that will introduce team members to your culture, clarify their individual and team member role in organizational success. Additionally, we will build upon that to establish meaningful training programs to ensure your team not only has the skills needed to meet your strategic objectives, but also reinforces your commitment to their own professional growth within your organization.

Team Building & Workplace Culture Analysis

High performing teams are not comprised solely of individual "high performers". High performing teams are effective teams - teams created through clarity, communication, collaboration - and trust amongst the team members. Acknowledging, appreciating and valuing each individual's strengths and what important component that adds to team increases team effectiveness. Effective teams also exemplify the core values - the behaviors valued by your organization's culture. We will work together to assess your team's current effectiveness, mitigate challenges and build upon strengths to increase employee engagement and commitment to overall operational success while supporting organizational culture.

Employee Relations & Communication

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