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You can call me Deb.

I help companies build, connect with and support their teams while fostering positive, stable workplaces that deliver outstanding results. 

With more than 30 years of experience working with companies of all sizes, stages of development and spanning a variety of industries, I offer expertise in a variety of areas that help businesses and their employees thrive together.

"Customers will never love a company 
until the employees love it first."

- Simon Sinek

Many businesses consider the consumer to be the most important piece of their business;
However the most successful companies believe their employees are.

I can provide you with invaluable guidance that extends beyond the typical realm of just Human Resources. With an extensive background in HR practices & procedures, strategic planning, communication & organizational structure, regulatory requirements, payroll, benefits and more, my approach prioritizes your business' unique makeup and culture to support your team's needs in order to help you and your business thrive.

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Services Overview

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So let's get down to business: I'm here to help you

meet your organization's goals and objectives through the growth and development of its most important asset - 

your people.

Strategic Planning

  • Mission, Vision + Operating Principles Development

  • Defining Corporate Goals + Structure

  • Start-Ups, Mergers, Acquisitions, Dispositions

Human Resources

  • Benefits Evaluation, Design & Implementation

  • HRIS + Payroll 

  • Employee Handbook + Policy/Procedure Development

  • Transition Management

Risk Management

  • Employee Legal Liabilities (FMLA/ADA, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, etc.)

  • Accreditation/ Certification Acquirement + Maintenance

  • Staff Training Protocols

  • Property Casualty, Health & Welfare, Workers Compensation

Recruitment + Retention

  • Online & Conference Recruiting

  • Competitive Compensation Assessment

  • Job analysis & design

  • Performance Management Systems

  • Corporate Culture Initiatives

  • Employee Referral Incentives

  • Company Hosted Wellness Events

Training + Development

  • Employee Onboarding + Procedure/Culture Education

  • Department-Specific Training Course Design

  • Leadership Training + Education

  • Team Building Strategy

  • Staff development & Succession Planning

  • "Corporate University"

Internal Communications

  • Channels Development (Newsletters, Intranet, etc.)

  • Content Planning + Consistency 

  • Company Information Dissemination Tactics

  • Employee Feedback Programming


Vision • Integrity • Results

A positive workplace, strong mission & values, structure & organization, as well as the desire to grow & nurture employees are key in factoring a company’s success—and their bottom line. 
For this reason, businesses that share my high ethical and moral standards, big picture thinking, and those that welcome the idea of change and progress, will see the best results of my services.  

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